STATUS completed


DURATION 01/2018-12/2018

CONTACT Veronika Heider


Dataverse EU

As part of the CESSDA ERIC (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives) Workplan 2018, AUSSDA participated in the DataverseEU Project. The aim of the project was to provide a ready-to-use archive solution for aspiring and new CESSDA Service Providers (with limited technical resources), based on the Dataverse Software. DataverseEU was led by DANS (Netherlands) who coordinated the work of the project partners GESIS (Germany), ADP (Slovenia), SND (Sweden), TARKI (Hungary) and AUSSDA (Austria).

Following a kick-off meeting in Vienna, the project partners simultaneously started to work on different tasks. These included establishing the Dataverse software as a Docker container on CESSDA systems and the implementation of plugins, e.g. for various Persistent Identifiers (PID) as well as for the CESSDA Controlled Vocabularies (CV) manager. In addition, the User Interface (UI) as well as the metadata were translated from the source language English to better fit national requirements. Some developments are already incorporated in the Dataverse software. Other features and improvements are the basis for further work within the framework of the SSHOC project.

AUSSDA was responsible for the translation of the User Interface from English to German as well as for evaluating the final output.