For lecturers: Uncomplicated access to data sets with restricted access


You are a lecturer and would like to work with a data set in your course that has restricted access in AUSSDA? Here is an easy way to do that.

In our dataverse, access to some of the datasets is restricted. In most cases, these are sensitive data that could not be made freely accessible for data protection reasons.

Of course, you can work with these data sets in your seminar anyway.

The easiest way to get the data for your students depends on whether you meet your students in person or whether you teach in distance learning. In any case, we ask you as a lecturer to approach us - preferably with some advance notice.

In case you can meet your students in person, we recommend this procedure:

If you already know exactly which data set you want to use, please contact us ( or click on the data set ("Request Access" button) and we will send you a form. If you would like to request the release for all your students collectively and have the possibility to collect the students' signatures on an attachment to the access form, please do so. Thus, not every student has to send us the General Access Form himself/herself. You will receive the attachment for seminar groups from us (

If you teach in distance learning, we recommend the following procedure:

If it is difficult for you to collect your students' signatures because you do not meet them in person, we recommend that each student logs into the AUSSDA Dataverse and clicks on the Request Access button for the desired data set. We will send the students a form which they must sign and return to us. The data will then be made available to each user and they can download the data themselves.

Please note that students must always register once in Dataverse. Only then can they access the respective data set. Without registration, they cannot be found in the system and the data cannot be released to them. The log-in of the seminar participants and the independent download of the data is necessary for all, as the students must view and accept the terms of use before accessing the data. Furthermore, it is also explicitly desired, as students become familiar with AUSSDA and can thus independently search for and download data from us.

The only exception among the data sets with restricted access that can be used for lectures is the microcensus: Unfortunately, these data are not suitable for teaching and therefore cannot be released collectively for seminar groups.

Auf dem Foto ist eine Dozentin vor einer Tafel zu sehen, die ihrer Seminargruppe ertwas erklä.rt

Foto: © Universität Wien/ Barbara Mair