STATUS prototype implemented

DURATION since 2021


Lars Kaczmirek


Open Knowledge Map Suchmaske

Examples for AUSSDA OKMaps (current state: October 2022)


aussda election

aussda gfk

aussda work

aussda labour

Open Knowledge Maps

Visual search in the AUSSDA database and worldwide

Can the diverse topics of research data be visually represented to provide an overview of AUSSDA's dataset? We implemented a visual search as a prototype in a collaboration between Open Knowledge Maps and AUSSDA. It has simple and intuitive interaction options for zooming in and navigating to individual studies.

Where to start? Try just the keyword aussda for an overall overview at first. For a more specific selection, we recommend combining the search word aussda with at most one second word, e.g. aussda election or, for some of our historical studies, aussda gfk. For a worldwide search, leave out they keyword aussda.

Hints: Use English search terms for better search results in the AUSSDA database. The search results refer to datasets worldwide. We have preset the search filter to search only datasets, taking the newest entries first. You can customize the search settings under Refine Search.

If you would like to view a larger version of your Open Knowledge Map, please click here.