STATUS implemented

DURATION since 2021


Lars Kaczmirek


Open Knowledge Maps

Examples for AUSSDA OKMaps (datasets until August 2023)





Visual Search

Search AUSSDA or Europe-wide

To create an overview of relevant datasets, enter your English topic of interest below in the search form or use the larger displays for data at AUSSDA or Europe-wide within the Consortium of European social science data archives (CESSDA).

With the visual search powered by Open Knowledge Maps we provide visual representations of available datasets in various social science data archives. The interactive interface allows to zoom in and shows direct links to studies for download.

Hint: Use English search terms for better search results. We have preset the search filter to search only datasets, taking the newest entries first. You can customise the search settings under Refine Search.

We welcome your feedback on this feature at!

If you would like to view a larger version of your Open Knowledge Map, please click here.