New Video: How society benefits from Open Science


Everyone is talking about Open Science – but how does it affect every one of us, and what does society gain from this opening of science? AUSSDA has asked four experts for a video interview to answer this question.

In times of a pandemic nothing is the way it used to be. This also applies to Austria's largest science event, the “Lange Nacht der Forschung”. As many events in this challenging year, it had to take place virtually for the first time, on October 9th. Nevertheless, it was a big success: On this day, 12,156 users visited a total of 63,878 contributions online.

Thus, this year science came and still comes directly into the living room, as more than 200 contributions from all over Austria can be watched on until 30th December 2020.

AUSSDA also contributed to the virtual programme and, supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning and our project partners from Trust-IT in Italy, produced a video on Open Science at the University of Vienna. Four experts explain from their different perspectives how society benefits from Open Science. You can also find the video on the website of EOSC-Pillar, a project working on the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Now, enjoy the video and feel free to share it through your channels! You can also read the full interviews here in the upcoming weeks.



Picture: AUSSDA/University of Vienna