Data Release: Open Access-data of the Social Survey Austria 2016


A dataset with over 300 variables describing attitudes on family life, roles of the state, work life, and political participation are now available for download at the AUSSDA Dataverse.

Since 1986 the Austrian Social Survey has studied and collected data covering values of the Austrian population concerning a variety of aspects, such as quality of life, social participation, family, and culture.

Using representative surveys, sociologists of the Universities of Graz, Linz and Vienna have been able to research how the Austrian population sees itself and society as a whole. AUSSDA can now release the latest of four waves (1986, 1993, 2003, and 2016) as an open acces file. This means that the dataset and accompanying documentation can be downloaded from the AUSSDA Dataverse and reused without registration, as long as the data producers are cited accordingly:  

Bacher, Johann; Beham-Rabanser, Martina; Grausgruber, Alfred; Haller, Max ; Höllinger, Franz; Muckenhuber, Johanna; Prandner, Dimitri; Verwiebe, Roland, 2018, "Social Survey Austria 2016", doi:10.11587/EHJHFJ, AUSSDA Dataverse

The data are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 and do not allow any conclusions regarding individuals, however, the dataset as a whole allows interested users to explore various societal questions, such as media trust, preferred leisure activities, gender roles or the importance of employment.

This dataset is the first of the Social Survey research group and others – open access-, as well as scientific use-files – will follow.

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